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The Salary Sheet is a report (in the Excel format) which presents the salary and deduction details of an employee for a financial year across months. Employees can download their Salary Sheet at any point in time to check their salary breakup, deduction information for both past and future months in a year.

How to Generate Salary Sheet?

Please click the Salary Sheet left menu to download your Salary Sheet. Please note that the Salary Sheet you download here is based on your latest pay details.

How to Read the Salary Sheet?

The Salary Sheet appears in an Excel file as follows.

Please scroll down the Salary Sheet to see the salary and deduction break-up across months in the year.

Any information with yellow background pertains to a future period (with reference to the last payroll run as of the date of report generation).

Please hover your mouse in order to view the break-up of the taxable gross salary.

The income tax figure for each month is mapped to the investment declaration which determined the tax calculation for that month.

If you wish to know how much income tax is likely to be deducted in future months, please take a look at the "Income Tax" amounts for future months in the Salary Sheet.

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