Business Rules Engine
Payroll Automation

Stop manual pay calculation. Our rule engine facilitates automation of payroll – however complex your business rules are – and thereby ensures accurate pay calculation.

Employee Self Service
Employee Self Service

Employee login for online investment declaration submission, claims, tax working, payslips etc. Our online helpdesk facilitates tracking and resolving employee queries.

Data Security
Data Security

SSL, IP-based access control, password encryption etc. – we adopt the most stringent security standards to ensure that your payroll data does not reach unauthorized recipients.

Cloud Storage
Cloud Storage

Don’t ever lose data. Publish and store all your payroll data, policy documents, and other files in our software in the cloud and access them whenever you wish.

Payroll Analytics
Payroll Analytics

Trend analysis, group-by reporting, reconciliation – whatever your reporting needs may be. Customize reporting with and derive intelligence from our reporting platform.

Payroll Analytics
Statutory Compliance

Statutory remittances and filings — better be safe than sorry. Our assurance with regard to compliance is based on the expertise we have built over time.


Best Payroll Software India

Welcome to Hinote, a provider of quality payroll services in India!

Hinote Systems Private Limited (Hinote) is a provider of payroll services in India. Our offerings include HRWorks, a cloud-based payroll software platform, for organizations that wish to run payroll internally. We also deliver payroll outsourcing services to organizations that outsource payroll. Hinote, headquartered in Chennai, serves customers all over India.

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Key Features of HR Works, our payroll software.

Automation – Our software facilitates the automation of payroll, leave and attendance, etc., irrespective of the complexity of your business rules, to ensure accuracy.

Employee Self-service – Employees can log in and submit investment declarations, file claims, view tax computations, pay slips, etc. 

Helpdesk – Tracking and resolution of employee queries are handled by our online helpdesk.

Data Security – We employ stringent security standards (SSL, IP-based access control, password encryption, etc.) to protect your employee data.

Cloud Storage – Store all your payroll data, policy documents, and other files in the cloud and access them as and when you want.

Payroll Analytics – We can customize your reports as per your requirements for quality decision making.

Statutory Compliance – We ensure that your statutory filings related to payroll are accurate and timely.

Why outsource payroll processing to Hinote?

  • We use HR Works, our proprietary payroll software, tailored to meet statutory requirements in India. HRWorks enables total automation of payroll policies, provides a portal for employee self-service and facilitates creation of complex MIS and statutory reports.
  • You get great value for your money. We offer quality services at competitive rates.
  • At Hinote, we are committed to high standards when it comes to customer support. Our support team is available over telephone, chat, and email. 
  • We attach a lot of importance to data security. At Hinote, we ensure integrity and safety of your data by backing it up regularly and avoiding the risk of data loss.
  • You can access data from anywhere and at any time as we provide a cloud-based payroll processing service.
  • Our HR Software can be integrated with different types of biometric devices for importing attendance data.
  • Our highly scalable payroll software automates processes such as salary calculation (earnings and deductions); leave and attendance management; TDS computation and eTDS report generation; PF, ESIC, and PT computation; and arrears, reimbursement, and recovery calculation.
  • Finally, we offer an easy exit clause. In the unlikely event of your wanting to terminate our services, you can do so by providing a notice of just one month.

Hinote prides itself to be one of the reliable payroll outsourcing companies in Chennai for customers all over India. Our customers range from start-ups/small organizations with fewer than 10 employees to large ones with over a thousand employees. Our stringent quality process backed by a quality HR Software ensures that we deliver our output in an accurate and timely manner. We commit to stringent service levels by way of a written agreement. This commitment makes us a trustworthy payroll company for clients in Bangalore, Mumbai and other cities in India.

If you are looking for a reliable partner to help you manage your payroll processes, you should evaluate our offerings. Get in touch with us today.

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