About Hinote

About Hinote

Hinote offers payroll services and software to organizations in India. We currently manage payroll for thousands of employees across customer organizations all over India. Our customer organizations are from sectors such as manufacturing and services including Information Technology, Business Process Outsourcing and the social sector. We have significant expertise in payroll and information technology.

We are a closely held and profitable company.

Things we believe in.

1. Age Quod Agis. In other words, “if something is done, it is worth doing it well.”

2. It is ok to make mistakes, but NOT OK  not to learn from mistakes.

3. There are no menial jobs, only menial attitudes.

4. Take your job seriously, but not yourself. In other words, may your ego reflect in the quality of your work rather than in your spiting others.

5. Happiness of all stakeholders is as important as shareholder wealth maximization.

6. Software is eating the world.

A big word of thanks.

HRWorks is almost entirely built on open-source components and wouldn’t have been a reality but for the generosity of developers behind MySQL, Java, JBoss, WordPress, Apache Foundation, Satyam, Caridy, Dav Glass and all other folks behind YUI.

We can keep thanking developers of open source software no end.