People behind Hinote

We are a bunch of ordinary people who aim at achieving above-average results by being sincere, commonsensical, and nice to people around us.

I co-founded Hinote Systems along with Hari because of my conviction that software delivered on the internet as a service is the future. A few years later, I am proud that HRWorks, our online payroll software, is one of the best online software applications in India. We currently manage payroll for thousands of employees across customers. Prior to founding Hinote, I worked for companies in information technology and management consulting.

If you, as a customer, supplier, job applicant etc., have had a brush with us and been less than 100% satisfied with our interaction with you, please send me an email.

I get my jollies from software programming. I have been instrumental in building HRWorks, our online software application, from ground-up. I am pleased that we have built an enterprise class application with a small (less than 10 members) but smart and committed bunch of programmers. Along the way, I have also picked up a lot of knowledge of Indian payroll. I bet you haven’t / wouldn’t come across too many people being equally comfortable talking about both MySQL connection pool and Section 24 of the Income Tax Act, 1965.

Prior to founding Hinote, I worked for companies in information technology in India and the U.S.


    I joined Hinote as a software developer after completing my masters in Computer Science from Chennai Mathematical Institute. Among other things, I have created a reporting platform using the YUI library and built a business rule engine for HRWorks using regular expressions in Java. In addition to doing interesting stuff, I enjoy the additional perquisite of working in my pyjamas from my home office in Kolkata. I deliver occasional guest lectures on open source technologies at Jadhavpur University.

    It now some years since I joined Hinote; funny how time flies when you are having fun.


      I hold a degree in business administration and am pursuing a course in cost accountancy (ICWA). I worked as an intern at a cement company for a few months before joining the payroll processing team at Hinote. I come from Mannargudi, an idyllic town in Tamil Nadu.


        When I was studying for masters in computer science before joining Hinote, I didn’t quite realize how complex software development for businesses could be. On the first day of my job at Hinote, I knew I was getting into something deep and interesting when I was given an overview of the design behind HRWorks.

        As someone who hails from Durgapur in West Bengal, I miss my Mishti Polao and Dhokar Dalna. However, I have started liking Rasam and Sambar that Chennai offers.