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If you landed on our page when searching for the best payroll services in Bangalore, you don’t have to go beyond us! You are at the right place and we at Hinote have the experience and expertise to handle your payroll processing requirements. We have been working closely with many small and medium businesses in India from different industry verticals and helping them run their businesses smoothly.

Paying salaries to employees is one of the most important tasks in any organisation. This is because salary payments have to be made on time every month to ensure that operations go on without any problems. Further, it is much more than just transferring money to employees’ accounts. The HR department has to verify leaves; compute income tax; work out incentives, overtime, bonuses, increments, and reimbursements payable to each employee as applicable; and adjust deductions before transferring the net amount to their accounts.

On average, as many as three executives in your HR department will have to struggle for a week to ten days to process the salary every month. Outsourcing the job that eats into your productive time and scarce resources to one of the most reliable payroll companies in Bangalore is the best option for you to focus on core activities, improve productivity, and take your business forward in today’s competitive environment.

Our End-to-End Payroll Processing Services

Human Resources

  • Leave Management
  • Income Tax Planning and Declarations
  • Expenses and Loan Management
  • Employee Profile and Company Policy
  • MIS and Interactive Charts
  • Onboarding, Talent, and Performance Management
  • Exit Management
  • Attendance Management (Biometric Integration)
  • Mobile Apps

Payroll Management

  • Payroll Processing
  • Preparing Form 16 (Both Part A and B)
  • MIS Reports

Statutory Compliance

  • Shops and establishments
  • Trade License
  • Provident Fund
  • Employees State Insurance
  • Professional Tax (PT)
  • Labour Welfare Fund
  • Contract Labour Registration


  • Payslips
  • Salary Statements
  • Statutory Reports
  • ETDS – 24Q
  • Leave Accruals, Balances, and Utilisation
  • Liability Reports
  • TDS Reports
  • Form 16

Our Payroll Software India – How Does It Work

You need to provide the following information to enable us to establish an effective payroll management system for your company:

  • Documents such as your GST, TIN, and company registration certificates; and electronic challan-cum-return documents
  • You need to specify the date of payment of salary to your employees (whether weekly, fortnightly, or monthly)
  • For effective payroll management, you must classify your employees as full-time, part-time, interns, freelance, consultants, etc., to enable salary calculation
  • Your company’s rules as regards leaves, overtime, loss of pay, bonuses, etc.

Why Choose Hinote as Your Payroll Outsourcing Partner

Whether you are looking for payroll outsourcing companies in Mumbai, Bangalore, or Chennai, Hinote can help you. We have a team of HRMS experts on our team and they have the experience to provide you with the best solutions to your problems. When you partner with us, you are actually adding payroll experts to your existing team. Furthermore, we will provide you with a unique cloud-based Employee Self-Service Module so that you get access to all the latest features seamlessly.