Employee Letters

Letter templates

Create as many letter templates (offer letter, appointment letter, promotion letter, address proof, etc.) as required.

You can create your company’s letterhead on HRWorks by uploading the letterhead design to HRWorks.


Document Styling

Create and use a stylesheet which conforms to your organization’s communication standards. Use fonts (including web fonts such as those from Google fonts), images, and other elements of your choice.

A variety of options are available for document settings related to margins, header/footer, etc.


Create and publish letters

Create letters/documents in PDF for one employee or many employees at a time by way of a document generation process.

Preview letter contents prior to publishing. Create business rules to specify who can authorize letter publishing.


Authenticate with QR code

Embed QR code in documents for preventing frauds by way of forged documents.

Letter recipients can scan the QR code in order to verify the authenticity of the document.