Other Features


  • Hinote’s software application uses SSL encryption technology to protect data in case of unauthorized access.
  • Hinote maintains each customer’s data in a separate schema and hence, by design, it ensures that data pertaining to one customer is not accessible to another.
  • Hinote enforces login restrictions on its payroll operations personnel to ensure that each person has access to only the data of customers they are assigned to.
  • The database server in Hinote’s software application is not exposed to the Internet directly and is connected to the application server by way of a local area network configuration.
  • The authorized personnel in Hinote’s technology team have database access only through an SSH (with a pass code enabled key) connection.
  • Hinote’s servers are co-located in a world-class data centre which imposes strict controls on physical and network-level security.

Data backup

  • Hinote takes periodic backups of customer data by way of automated programs.
  • Hinote makes available the employee data and pay data (current and past) by way of Excel sheet reports in its portal. Hinote’s customers can download their data in Excel whenever they wish.

Automated alerts and batch jobs

  • HRWorks enables automated welcome mail (for new joinees) and payslip transmission each month.
  • Automated alerts help managers keep track of missing information such as PAN, PF number, pending settlement runs, pending investment declarations etc.
  • HRWorks helps managers create tasks in a task scheduler and enables keeping track of task completion.